Yuri van der Meer

Freelance Python developer

Looking for an experienced Python developer in Amsterdam/Noord-Holland? I have been using Python for over 11 years and consider myself expert at it. Related technologies that I have experience with include Django, Oscar e-commerce framework, FeinCMS, Celery and South.

Curriculum Vitae

View my full CV online. Please contact me if you require a different format.


I am a versatile web developer with a feeling for architecture and an eye for detail. I love to program rich applications for the web and/or mobile, using modern technologies like HTML5 and Python/Django. Although I am quite skilled with JavaScript and CSS, I am most productive with ES6, React and/or Backbone, Webpack and Sass/Compass.

I enjoy test-driven front-end development, using tools such as Tape/AVA, Mocha, Chai, jsdom and Sinon.


  • +31 (0)6 343 16 409

Burgemeester Versteeghsingel 14
1135 VT Edam

More about me

In addition to programming, I also have a passion for photography, exercising and eating healthy. I enjoy sport climbing, a bit of fitness/calisthenics and riding my fixed gear bicycle.

I live Edam (Netherlands) together with my wife, son and two cats.