Yuri van der Meer – CV


I am currently busy on an assignment and therefore not available for new opportunities; I expect to become available again around Q2 2020. My ideal project is based in Amsterdam (or well accessible by public transportation) and offers plenty of flexibility for working from home. I enjoy working in a well organized Scrum team with passionately drive team members.

I am currently only interested in freelance assignments.


I am a versatile web developer with a feeling for clean architecture and an eye for detail. I have a strong focus on the front-end and love to program rich applications for the web and/or mobile, using modern technologies such as HTML5 and Python/Django.

I think of programming as a form of art. To me, clean, well-crafted code is beautiful.

Reusable components and use of classic design patterns help to minimize the amount of repeated work I do. This also makes code more readable for others, and I can spend more time developing the differentiating features.

I enjoy writing automated tests (especially for front-end code). A test-driven approach helps me be more productive, supports stability of the system and keeps the implementation flexible for the future. I translate complex business problems into simple technical solutions that last.

Technical Skills

  • JavaScript – 17 years, expert
    (ES6/ES2015, React, JSX, Redux, Vue.js, Backbone, Underscore.js, jQuery/Zepto, CoffeeScript, Handlebars)
  • HTML, CSS – 19 years, expert
    (HTML5, XHTML, Sass/SCSS, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Bulma, Bootstrap, Compass, LESS)
  • Responsive design, mobile web apps – 9 years, good
  • Automated testing – 10 years, very good
    (TDD/BDD, Jest, Tape, AVA, Mocha/Chai/Jasmine, Istanbul/Blanket.js, Sinon, Squire.js, Cucumber.js/Gherkin, Selenium, py.test, factory_boy, tox)
  • Project automation & code quality – 14 years, very good
    (NodeJS/NPM, Webpack, ESLint, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Pyflakes/flake8/pep8, isort, RequireJS/Almond/AMD, Fabric, Jenkins, Unix shell scripting, Apache Ant)
  • Python – 14 years, expert
    (Django, Oscar e-commerce framework, FeinCMS, Celery, South)
  • Version control – 15 years, very good
    (Git, Github/Gitlab, Mercurial, Subversion)
  • Database design / SQL – 16 years, good
    (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)
  • XML, XSLT – 15 years, good
    (XPath, XML Schema)

Professional experience

Freelance web developer, Amsterdam (Aug 2014–present)

Modern web application development using proven technology and “old fashioned craftsmanship”.

  • auto.nl (2018–present)

    Lab Digital
    React, Redux, Bootstrap, Sass, Webpack, Python/Django, Django REST Framework, Oscar e-commerce, PostgreSQL
  • B2B food & drink e-commerce platform (2018)

    Valtech Amsterdam, Digital Tribes
    Vue.js, Vuex, Bootstrap 4, Webpack
  • Liander web shop / order flow (2018)

    E-commerce order flow with various REST based interfaces and iDEAL payment. Fully responsive design with extensive back/forward support and fully maintainable through the Wagtail CMS.

    Lab Digital, Alliander
    React, Redux, Bulma, Sass, CSS Modules, Webpack, Python/Django, Django REST Framework, Oscar (e-commerce framework), Wagtail CMS, PostgreSQL
  • TMG: Telegraaf Media Groep (2016–2017)

    As tech lead of the Core Services team I developed and maintained systems on which the various TMG brands rely every day. Centralized login (single sign-on, authentication & user management) and other core services, “Bestelstraat 2.0”, the MijnMedia platform, project automation, unit testing and quality control.

    JavaScript/ES6, React (JSX), HTML/CSS/Sass, Python/Django
  • KPN SmartLife (2015)

    Home security and automation platform for telecom provider KPN. Oscar-based e-commerce platform with various custom external interfaces (KPN, Buckaroo, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Trigion) and a personalized environment for customers.

    Lukkien, KPN, Deutsche Telecom, e-office, Buckaroo, Trigion
    Python/Django, Oscar (e-commerce framework), Django REST Framework, Celery, PostgreSQL
  • The Voice Kids / Pombär contest page (2015)

    Online game for potato snack manufacturer Pombär, to promote the start of the 2015 season of The Voice Kids. Responsive HTML5 frontend with Python/Django game engine.

    Lukkien, Dentsue Aegis, RTL
    Backbone, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS, Python/Django

Photographer @ Yuri van der Meer Fotografie, Amsterdam (Jun 2009–Nov 2016)

Documentary wedding photography and refreshing portrait photography in the studio or on location.

    Senior Frontend Developer @ Easytobook.com, Amsterdam (Feb 2014–Jul 2014)

    Defining a superior online travel experience with state-of-the art front-end technology. As part of a specialised team, my activities included:

    • Building a generic development stack around CoffeeScript, Backbone/Marionette, Twig/Swig, Sass and Grunt.
    • Creating a custom unit testing framework using Mocha, Chai, Sinon and Squire, including Jenkins integration.
    • Setting up an efficient build system using a combination of Grunt, Node.js and shell scripting.
    • Documenting programming techniques and coding standards.
    • Defining a team workflow around a Kanban/Scrum methodology and code reviews through Github.

      Co-Founder @ Goeie Jongens, Amsterdam (Mar 2010–Jan 2014)

      Teamed up with Vincent Hillenbrink to prepare for web 3.0, and deliver custom-crafted, user-friendly data-driven web applications.

      • Kawasaki Motors Europe: Bike Configurator (2012–2014)

        Standalone motorcycle configuration tool with custom-built multilingual CMS. Activities included interaction design, image asset worfklow management, front-end development, staff training and support.

        DLVR, Jasper Fassaert, TargetPress
        HTML5, Sass/Compass, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, RequireJS, Amazon S3 + CloudFront, Python/Django
      • ISRIC WOSIS worldsoilprofiles.org (2012–2014)

        Rich visualization and templated-based data entry of thousands of soil profiles worldwide, internationalized for 10+ languages. Activities included interaction design, requirements management and front-end development.

        HTML5, Sass/Compass, Google Maps, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, RequireJS, PostGIS + GeoDjango, Python/Django
      • L1NDA mobile Android & iOS app (2012–2013)
        Google Play, iTunes App Store

        HTML5-based mobile app for viewing work schedules and signing off on worked hours.

        HTML5, Sass/Compass, PhoneGap/Cordova, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, RequireJS, Zepto
      • Kawasaki Motors Europe: Z800 (2013)

        Extensive single-page “microsite” for the new Kawasaki Z800 motorcycle. Responsive design, rich media integration and internationalization for 10+ countries/languagues.

        HTML5, Sass/Compass, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, jQuery/Zepto, Amazon S3 + CloudFront
      • VNCI: Chemie in Nederland (2012–2013)

        Geographical mapping of chemical organizations in the Netherlands and browsable model of chemical substances and their products.

        HTML5, LESS, Google Maps, jQuery, Python/Django
      • Stepaday (2011–2012)

        Weight-loss platform for Sanoma Media. Iterative development using Scrum and integration with several Sanoma web services.

        DLVR, Kazenda, Jasper Fassaert, Sascha Spijker, Marcel Beumer, Florus van Beek
        HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Python/Django
      • Centraal Museum Utrecht (2011–2012)

        State-of-the-art Django application with custom CMS solution, advanced synchronization with Adlib, mobile-friendly adaptive CSS layout, HTML5 canvas drawing and Ajax-enabled pages for rich experience with graceful degradation for accessibility.

        HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Canvas, Python/Django, Solr
      • L1NDA.nl (2010–2011)

        Development, consulting, quality assurance, unit testing, database migrations and performance optimizations.

        Python/Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL

      Freelance web developer @ Yuri van der Meer Consulting, Amsterdam (Nov 2008–Mar 2010)

      Specialized in Ajax (XHTML, CSS, XML/XSLT, JavaScript, jQuery, Canvas) and Python (Django MVC framework) development and consulting. Project activities included:

      • Albert Heijn Allerhande (2009–2010)

        Online version of the well-known Allerhande food magazine. Custom Django CMS, REST webservice integration, custom XML-based communication with the Flash frontend; Scrum methodology.

        Fabrique, Lukkien, Zilverline
        Python/Django, REST, XML
      • Home automation prototype (2008)

        Web-based tool for managing lighting, climate and security in your home. Python network programming, a user-configurable rule engine built around an elaborate Django model, JSON client-server data synchronization.

        HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Canvas, Python/Django

      Senior Technical Consultant @ Backbase, Amsterdam (Mar 2005–Nov 2008)

      As a technical consultant for Backbase, my activities included:

      • Software design & development for corporate clients, requirements definition & estimation, technical risk management, system development, integration and performance tuning.
      • Classroom training for customers and partners, teaching the overall Backbase framework, software design, performance management and standalone testing.
      • Knowledge sharing with fellow consultants and introduction of development tooling such as Subversion and Trac.

      Some projects I did while at Backbase:

      • ABN AMRO Customer Dashboard (2007)

        Personalized online banking portal, with generic module management and persistency. Activities as architect and lead developer included scoping, estimates and planning, front-end architecture & development, integration and classroom training.

        IBM Global Services, Tata Consulting, Mirabeau, ITsec
        Backbase, JavaScript, XSLT, XHTML, CSS, JSP
      • Yellow Pages: Home At Yellow (2006); Melbourne, Australia

        Rich information driven home improvement portal, featuring drag-and-drop widgets, in-site bookmarking, extensive search and personalization. Activities as lead developer included requirements definition, technical design, front-end development, integration and classroom training.

        Telstra, Aegeon, Majitek, ThoughtWorks
        Backbase, XSLT, XPath, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, JSP
      • ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep / MoneYou (2005–2006)

        Various online mortgage calculation tools. Data-bound rich forms, generic validation and application logic framework with skinning support. Activities as lead developer included delivery of a Proof-of-Concept, requirements gathering, estimates and planning, front-end development and integration.

        Backbase, XML, XSLT, XPath, Ant, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript

      Freelance Web Developer, Rotterdam (Nov 2003–Sep 2005)

      I developed several websites for small Dutch businesses. Responsible for the full scope of each project, my activities included requirements analysis, information design, graphical design, back-end development (PHP & MySQL), front-end development (XHTML/CSS, JavaScript), deployment and maintenance.

        Graphics department @ OC&C Strategy Consultants, Rotterdam (Aug 2001–Feb 2005)

        As team lead of the OC&C Strategy Consultants graphics department in the Netherlands, my activities included delivery of PowerPoint presentations, production of MS Office (Word/PowerPoint/Excel) and email templates, Photoshop image manipulation, development of the intranet and online marketing websites, and various QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign print publications.

        As a side project, I delivered a web-based replacement of the company’s knowledge archiving system. As lead developer in the project, my responsibilities included overall application architecture, database design, migration of legacy data, and application development (PHP, MySQL, XHTML/CSS).


          • Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands – HBO Informatica, 2008–2009 (propedeuse)
          • SAE Institute Rotterdam, Netherlands — Audio Engineering Diploma, 2001–2003
          • Mayde Creek High School, Houston, Texas, USA — diploma, 1999–2001
          • Krimpenerwaard College, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands — VWO, 1995–1999


          • +31 (0)6 343 16 409

          Burgemeester Versteeghsingel 14
          1135 VT Edam

          More about me

          In addition to programming, I also have a passion for photography, exercising and eating healthy. I enjoy sport climbing, a bit of fitness/calisthenics and riding my fixed gear bicycle.

          I live Edam (Netherlands) together with my wife, son and two cats.