Yuri van der Meer

Curriculum Vitae

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I am a versatile web developer with a feeling for architecture and an eye for detail. I love to program rich applications for the web and/or mobile, using modern technologies like HTML5 and Python/Django. Although I am quite skilled with JavaScript and CSS, I am most productive with CoffeeScript, Backbone, RequireJS, Sass/Compass and Handlebars.

I enjoy test-driven front-end development, using tools such as Mocha, Chai, Sinon and Squire.


I am available immediately for an exciting new project! My ideal freelance project involves state of the art frontend technology, talented team members and an inspirational work environment based in Amsterdam.

Technical experience

  • HTML, CSS – 14 years, expert
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript – 12 years, expert
  • Automated testing – 5 years, very good
  • Project automation – 9 years, good
  • Responsive design, mobile web apps – 4 years, very good
  • Python – 9 years, very good
  • Version control – 10 years, very good
  • Database design / SQL – 11 years, good
  • XML, XSLT – 10 years, expert


  • +31 (0)6 343 16 409

Javastraat 82-III
1094 HL Amsterdam

More about me

In addition to programming, I also have a passion for portrait and wedding photography.

When I’m not behind my laptop or creating photographs, I enjoy sport climbing, riding my fixed gear bicycle or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.