Yuri van der Meer

Curriculum Vitae

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I am a versatile web developer with a feeling for architecture and an eye for detail. I love to program rich JavaScript applications for the web and/or mobile, using modern technologies like ES6, React, Redux, Sass and Python/Django.

I am a full stack developer: I can build the entire application from database model to the most detailed CSS design. That said, I typically enjoy front end development the most. :-)



I am available for new assignments from the third week of March 2018. My ideal project is based in Amsterdam (or well accessible by public transportation) and offers plenty of flexibility for working from home. I enjoy working in a well organized Scrum team with passionately drive team members.

I am currently only interested in freelance assignments.

Technical experience

  • JavaScript – 15 years, expert
  • HTML, CSS – 17 years, expert
  • Responsive design, mobile web apps – 7 years, good
  • Automated testing – 9 years, very good
  • Project automation & code quality – 12 years, very good
  • Python – 12 years, expert
  • Version control – 13 years, very good
  • Database design / SQL – 14 years, good
  • XML, XSLT – 13 years, good


  • +31 (0)6 343 16 409

Burgemeester Versteeghsingel 14
1135 VT Edam

More about me

In addition to programming, I also have a passion for photography, exercising and eating healthy. I enjoy sport climbing, a bit of fitness/calisthenics and riding my fixed gear bicycle.

I live Edam (Netherlands) together with my wife, son and two cats.